A locomotive for national economic development since its founding in 1967 as Daewoo Industrial Co. Ltd., today’s “Posco Daewoo Corporation” is the new vanguard of Korean trade.

The company played a leading role in overcoming economic crisis in 1998 by achieving top results in export and trading surplus.

Throughout it’s long history, the company also played a major role as a vanguard in non-governmental diplomacy. The company’s dynamic trade policies led to the establishment of diplomatic ties with 13 nations as well as to the expansion of export markets by setting up Korea’s first trade branch offices in 37 countries.

Daewoo Corporation was reorganized into three new companies in order to normalize all operations: Daewoo International Corporation in trade, Daewoo Engineering Construction Co Ltd. in construction and Daewoo Corporation in others.

Having normalized operations, Daewoo International is leaping into the new millennium with more than three decades of international trading manpower, high quality products, and all-inclusive domestic and international sales networks. With such reliable qualifications, the company looks forward to positioning itself as a truly global leader in world trade.